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This page provides information about the availability of the book, links to the publishers websites and information about online ordering of the book from online dealers and international booksellers.


This page provides links to a variety of resources that, if they had appeared in the book, would have been out of date before or, at the very least, shortly after the book was printed! Here you will find contact information or links to Butterfly & Entomological Organizations and Societies around the world, contact information or links to Entomological Equipment Suppliers, links to Endangered Species Lists and information, an expanded Index for the book and a page of links to Butterfly Houses and Insect Zoos, articles about butterfly biology and conservation at other sites, links to Wildflower & Gardening Organizations and Societies and butterfly gardening information, butterfly websites and festivals.


This page provides access to an excerpt from the book as well as a few additional articles on a variety of butterfly biology, ecology and conservation topics.


Corrections and additions to the book can be found here.

The Photographers

Links to the many websites maintained by the talented photographers whose photos appear in the book.