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Despite my best efforts a number of typographic errors, mistakes, omissions, and publisher-induced reformatting errors crept into the finished book. AND despite my effort to have ALL of these corrections made, at the publisher's (Key Porter Books) request, before the second "revised" printing, they were never incorporated! So, again, despite my best efforts and intentions a number of typographic errors, mistakes, omissions, and publisher-induced reformatting errors continued to be found in the second (paperback) edition. Corrections for many of these are provided here. Note that the bulk of the errors occur in both editions of the book, however, where errors are specific to one edition or the other they are followed by (CN), referring to the Canadian edition, or (US), referring to the American edition. Please use the Guestbook to let me know of any other errors that you find.

Photo Credits

"Durrell Kaplan" should read Durrell Kapan (CN, cover photo credits, inside back cover jacket flap, applies to first (hardcover) printing only).

"Norbert Ullman" (Photo Credits, pp. 316) should read Norbert Ulmann.

My apologies to both photographers for these errors.

Page Specific Errors

p. 13: The book resources website is (obviously) www.aworldforbutterflies.com, not www.aworldofbutterflies.com as shown there.

p. 107, 2nd last line: Danaus plexippus should read Danaus plexippus

p. 135: Photo sequence showing osmeteria eversion in the pipevine swallowtail (Battus philenor, Papilionidae) is missing the proper 2nd photo in the sequence. The proper sequence is:

p. 162, bottom photo: The photographer, Peng Chai, has let me know that the morpho held in the beak of the jacamar is actually Morpho amathonte, not Morpho peleides as given in the caption.

p. 185, bottom photo caption: "...the spicebush swallowtail, papilio troilus, at all." should read "...the spicebush swallowtail, Papilio troilus, at all."

p. 269: The photographer, Hub. Reumkens, has let me know that the photograph of Maculinea arion was actually taken in Switzerland, not the Netherlands as given in the caption.


The publisher completely reformatted the entire Bibliography after my final edits (I was not amused). The overabundant use of "title caps" has yielded many errors, most notably whenever the title of a book or paper includes a species name (the species names should never be capitalized). I was also upset to see the publication year moved to the end of the citation. Anyone who uses bibliographies as often as I do will understand the benefits of a citation listed as "author (year)" since how recent the title is is often as important as what the citation is about! Further, the listing of edited volumes under their title, rather than the editors names, does not give the editors their rightful due. Again, anyone who has been an editor will understand how much work it is—and the very least we can do is recognize their labours. My apologies to all of the editors of the volumes cited.

One specific error occurs in the preamble to the bibliography: "accumulates" should read "accumulated"


Again, the publisher reformatted the entire Index after my final edits. All scientific names should have been presented in italics. One specific error is that "adult butterfly" (found indented under Adelpha melanthe) should be left justified. A corrected (and expanded) index may be found under Resources.

I urge you to download and print the revised Index.