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September 2011

It's been a l-o-n-g time coming but the site is finally getting updated. Gone are the old frames and tables, replaced with cascading style sheets and javascript, although the "look" of the site will generally stay the same. Things may look a bit "flat" right now but I'll spruce it up as I learn the new formatting, coding and how to do things outside of "hand-holding" software. You might also notice that some content may be unavailable for awhile as I check links, relevance, facts and generally "fix the place up a bit."

I've also added a couple of new articles, updated the IUCN Red Book data to point to source pages, replaced a number of links with pointers to other sites that either didn't exist when this site went up or just do a better job of keeping the links up-to-date, and have added a links page of my own to point to some of my favorite sites of interest.

Hang in there baby...!