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This page provides access to an excerpt from the book, as well as a few additional articles on various aspects of butterfly biology, ecology and conservation. Choose from the following:

What's in a Name?

The etymology (study of word origins, not to be confused with entomology, the study of insects!) of the word butterfly and words for butterfly from around the world.

Putting it all Together

A glimpse into the ecological life history of the Mexican Fritillary, Euptoieta hegesia, on the island of Jamaica

The Karner Blue in Ontario

What really happened? How did the Karner Blue, Plebejus (Lycaeides) melissa samuelis, become extirpated (or locally extinct) in Ontario?

Saving the King of North America

Despite the "commonness" of the Monarch, their lives and monumental migrations are anything but secure. Find out more about this "endangered phenomenon"...

Turning Your Yard into a Butterfly Sanctuary

Because butterflies are small, it's relatively easy to provide everything that they need in a small space. Backyard sanctuaries are easy to do...